The Most Comprehensive Referral Marketing Checklist On The Planet - And It's Free

If clients love your business, but they just don't refer as often as you'd like - or expect - you're not alone. Lots of fitness business owners have the same problem. And that's why I created this checklist. It helps you inspect what you expect. It makes your referral marketing accountable so you get MUCH better results. That's why you should download it now, completely free.

  • Discover the time-tested and proven referral formula - and how to use it the right way.
  • 10 pages and 63 action items on this checklist. Just work your way through the list...and your referral system is complete! (Systems are the backbone of every profitable business. And systems run off checklists.)
  • Includes 'how to' information in case you don't understand an action item, plus expertly crafted, simple scripts and over one dozen other referral marketing tactics and tools.